April Favourites


Hi lovelies,

I hope you had a wonderful April.

I basically want to start incorporating favourite posts onto my blog. Hopefully I can make this a monthly thing but I won’t make any promises! Yes the beauty junkie within me loves the excitement of a new item within my eager grips, however on the flip side unless somethings broken, I’m not in a rush to change it. Lets get straight to it……..

 Garnie Skin Active Moisture Bomb tissue Mask:

Tissue masks are popular at the moment, and when I came across it in Boots. I couldn’t restrain myself but to make a purchase.

So the mask is said to be super-hydrating for dehydrated skin. It instantly rehydrate skin, reduce the look of fine lines, and revive radiance.

And it’s enriched with green tea and hyaluronic acid.After 15 minutes “ skin looks smoother, Complexion is radiant. Fine lines appear reduced, Skin looks plumper, skin radiance is revitalised”

Does it do all of the above listed……….highly doubt it. But I can pledge that my skin feels extremely hydrated after use.

My main quibble is the mask shape. I’m not sure I’d like to meet the person this mask was modelled on, because they must have huge, piggy eyes and huge jowly cheeks.

 Mario Badescu – Glycolic foaming cleanser:

For dull, congested skin, this deep cleanser has the exfoliating powers Glycolic Acid to break down build-up from skin surface, reduce minor discoloration and leave skin radiant and smooth. Its also formulated with Herbal Extract for soothing benefits.

Dare I say it? This is the best cleanser I’ve used in a while. It lathers up amazingly well which means you only need a small amount. It leave you feeling squeaky clean, which I love considering as I have oily skin.

 Kiehl’s –Ultra Facial oil-free toner:

Formulated to visibly reduce excess oil on skin surface (which you girl needs) while leaving it instantly fresh and healthy looking.

I love that this toner contains core ingredients of Imperata Cylindrica Root Extract and Andtarcticine, which helps to soothe and hydrate skin. Basically anything that hydrates the skin count me in.

Cartier Eau de Cartie Goutte de Rose:

 Oldie but a goodie. Quality is never an issue at Cartier. Goutte de Rose is based on the general Eau de Cartier storyline, a light woodsy fragrance with a touch of amber. Goutte de Rose, which translates as “drop of rose”, is true to its name, adding a slight rose note to the original creation.

The fragrance has a crisp green opening, which feels similar to the house’s other creations but more mellow in scope. The rose quickly comes to the forefront, though it very light, as though one entered a room and smelled a bouquet of roses set on a mantelpiece from afar. Check me out, quite impressed with my description of this perfume (You’ve got to be your biggest fan).

Burn’t Bees- Beeswax Lip Balm:

This signature lip balm with beeswax helps to protect dry lips and Peppermint oil to soothe you lips.

Big fan of this lip balm, it literally does what it says on the package.

The Smart Money Woman by Arese Ugwu:

Portrays the lifestyle of a young woman called Zuri who seems to be living the life most people envy but reality was well on her way to jeopardizing her financial stability on the grounds of “Lagos Living”.

Filled with 12 chapters each giving insight to spending, debt ,the consumerist culture of the African middle class, the fear and misconceptions surrounding money and the lack of it, love, friendships, cultural and societal pressures and the role they play in success. With each chapter comes a smart money lesson (to help work your way up the financial ladder. It’s a good read if I say so myself.

Hope you’all enjoyed this post!

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