Mavro Daphne

Hey guys, how are you all doing???

So on my recent vacation to Greece, I took a trip down to Achaia Clauss,  a winery set in the hills of Patras. As it was my first experience of visiting a winery, I was fascinated by what Patras had to offer in terms of wine….*wink wink.

Here are few facts I remembered, before the drinks kicked in. (Disclaimer: Drink responsibly  guys 🙂

  • The most famous wine here is called MavroDaphne. It was named after King George’s lover,Daphne who had black eyes………………Future husband please take note.
  • Prior to the mid 20th century, the wines were aged in casks outdoors for six years, but today they’re aged indoors for about eight years (though some of the higher end bottles are aged for many decades)
  • The oldest MavroDaphne dates back to the 19th century and costs a whopping €1,580 a bottle….so if any of you are feeling super generous you know what to do.
  • According to the tour guide, it is a tradition to name a barrel after anyone famous who visits. Vladimir Putin’s barrel was spotted during my visit.

Thats about it folks, my bottle of wine is waiting patiently for me. Enjoy reading and until next time… byeeeeeeeeeeeee.

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