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Hello everyone!! So today I thought I would write a post that was a little more personal and let you get to know a bit about the person behind it all.

                                                    20 facts about me

1. I’m a very shy person when I meet someone for the first time. Which can sometimes come across as rude or stuck up. But once I’m comfortable around you you’ll think I am crazy and wonder why you became friends with me in the first place.

2.I don’t drink tea or coffee, which some people find really weird. When I tell people this they look at me like I’m from a different planet. But I do love the smell of coffee and coffee ice-cream.

3. I barely watch TV, but when I do I can gurantee you to be watching channel 199 on Sky. Which basically shows everything crime.

4. My sister is my best friend. I find it bizarre when I hear people saying that they don’t get along with their siblings.

5. I love going on long road trips, if I am the passenger and I’m allowed to sleep.

6. I love the sound of rain when I am in bed. I would love to sleep in one of them clear domes with the rain falling on top and all snuggled under a duvet.

7. Apparently I am 166cm, this was measured a few years back so fingers crossed I’ve grown a few inch’s by now.

8. I can’t wait to have my own babies. (not for at least 4 years).

9. I am absolutely desperate for a pet dog, preferably a Pomeranian puppy. I have convinced by sister so now just need to get my mother on board.

10. The last time I cried was on 20/03/2017. I was wishing a very admirable lady in my life a happy birthday. Basically I made her cry and then she made me cry via her response.

11. I’m so laid back that I’m practically lying down. It takes a lot to bother me. I am often heard saying its fine!.

12. I am that person that comes home from somewhere and changes straight into my PJ. I would wear pajamas all day if it was socially accepted.

13. I am very easily distracted.

14. Obsessed with my kindle currently so I’m reading the Harry Potter series. If you have any book recommendations please it me know.

15. I have a sweet tooth, My sister always says that a way to guarantee my death is to put poison in some sweets because I will most likely eat it.

16. I secretly judge people via their handwriting. I mean I don’t ask for much, as long as its neat and readable, if that is a word.

17. I stay up too late almost every night and regret it every morning.

18. I don’t stalk , I investigate.

19. I’m an extremely empathetic person, if you cry I will most likely cry with you even though I’m fine.

20. I secretly love spoilers.

Hope you enjoyed my first post! *Squeals with excitement*

Erica x




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